March 26, 2014

History of the Company EL-IN has its beginning in 1974.
Jan Wach starts the business.
Small craft business employing two people is growing thanks to the implementation of electric power engineering.

In 1989 there is a political transformation in Poland, and small businesses found themselves on the open market and were given the opportunity to compete and develop. Jan Wach uses his chance implementing first big contracts, and gradually executing more and bigger orders.

In 1996, the company “EL-IN” is formed on the basis of the plant, and Tomasz and Dariusz Wach – sons of Jan – join the group of owners.
Youthful enthusiasm combined with experience rapidly starts to produce effects.
Soon, with the expansion of the machinery and implementations of bigger and bigger projects, a separate construction department is formed in the company.
A year later, the company acquires one of the failing companies in Skierniewice and moves to its headquarters. EL-IN gains 700 m2 of office space and 2 hectares of land for the purpose of logistics and equipment base.

In subsequent years, the company extends the activity with construction of buildings and infrastructure.
In this way it begins investments related to energy and distribution networks.

EL-IN builds, among others:

  • railway infrastructure
  • aviation infrastructure
  • public utility buildings
  • industrial plants.

As a result, the company strengthens its market position, and after accession of Poland to the European Union in 2004, it begins a complicated process of specialisation in the area of construction of railway network and infrastructure. Jacek Łyżeń, currently a co-owner and board member, becomes the person responsible for this area of activity.

Year 2005 marks the culmination of dream of more than thirty years of Jan Wach’s efforts. His youngest child – Agnieszka Wach – joins the board.

Despite the long history and different, not always favourable, circumstances, ELIN is still a company based on the unchanging values of the Wach family.

In 2014, the company celebrates its 40th anniversary.